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Stripparit Virantoimituksessa


Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Company)




Scriptwriting and performing

Project type

Radio drama


Yle illustration

Stripparit virantoimituksessa (Strippers on duty) is a sexy entertainment radio drama about one night at work. What the clients of the strippers, feminists, mothers or anyone could learn about sex, boundaries and the power from these "naked therapists"? This comedy gives voice to a profession that is usually only looked at.

Stripparit virantoimituksessa radio drama was a Finnish nominee for Prix Europa 2021 in Best Radio Fiction -category.

Script: Alvi Haapamäki, Camilla Rantanen, Milla-Mari Pylkkänen
Directing: Sini Pesonen
Sound design: Hanna-Helena Kinnunen
Performers: Alvi Haapamäki, Camilla Rantanen, Milla-Mari Pylkkänen, Minna Kivelä
Producers: Laura Jaakkola
Assistant producer & dramaturg: Iira Halttunen
Respective producers: Antti Lehtinen, Matti Kajander

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