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Your Manic Pixie Dream


Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki, Finlad




Concept and execution

Project type



Bodies of Pleasure is a platform which offers artists a space to explore sexuality and sexpositive practices in a performance context. It has been convened and is facilitated by choreographer / curator Jarkko Partanen and the artists involved are Julius Elo, Jan Loukas, Camilla Rantanen, Kauri Sorvari and Olga Spyropoulou.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fictional trope, a fantasy that offers the Main Character an opportunity to feel special and desired. The trope raises the question: how do we really long to be met and seen?

The performance takes place in the form of correspondence. The genre of the letters is the Love Letter. An audience member has the opportunity to respond to a love letter sent to them and begin a correspondence relationship with a "secret" admirer called Pixie.
Your Manic Pixie Dream is a form of a role playing game, where Pixie takes the role of a Love Interest and offers You the role of the Main Character.

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