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The Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki (The Train Factory)





Project type

Immersive play


Tuomo Manninen

"Who did you think you were?"

Otteita is excerpts from the Generation Z: different ways of existing and coming alive in this world. The Play highlights young people's experiences of crises and how to survive them, boundaries of one's own body and self determination as well as the eco-crisis and climate anxiety.
The play asks who or what should we idolize at times like this? And which idols should be knocked off their pedestals? How can prejudices be broken? Is the end of friendship end of the world?

The immersive play has taken its topics from interviews with young people from Helsinki.

Script: Camilla Rantanen
Directing and adaptation: Satu Linnapuomi and working group
Digital storytelling design: Maria Oiva
Digital storytelling execution: Aku Meriläinen
Set design and costume design: Sanna Levo
Lighting and video design: Ville Virtanen
Sound design: Veli-Pekka Lahtela
Performers: Joel Bonsdorff, Anna Böhm, Heli Hyttinen, Miko Petteri Jaakkola, Samuel Kujala, Ville Mikkonen, Sonja Salminen and Henna Tanskanen
Voice actors: Pirjo Luoma-aho and Markku Maalismaa

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