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Laocoön XXX - Personal Historical Sculpture Stunt


Finnish National Gallery, Kiasma




Concept and execution together with Alvi Haapamäki and Milla-Mari Pylkkänen

Project type



Delta Venus -collective’s Let Me Be Your Fantasy -event


Sonja Hyytiäinen

”We are Slutartists and we are going to show you a selection of sculptures in our new piece: LaocoönXXX -personal historical sculpture stunt. Our sculpting techniques are: negociation, posing, adjusting and contortion. First we will do a variation of Laocoön and his sons having sex with snakes. Then we show some other sculptures. Ok, now we start”.

In this performance piece we placed ourselves in the canon of Western art by performing a selection of bodily sculptures. The performance started with our interpretation of the sculpture: Laocoön and His Sons. After this, we moved on to our own sculptures.

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