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Water Show, Lesbo Show - eli Nikin ja Strixin XXX-palvelut


University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy




Script, choreography and performing

Project type



Artistic thesis


Mikael Karkkonen

"Every community needs its own whore".

A show about a magical sex worker.

"Contrary to common misconceptions, Niki is neither a miserable nor a passionate whore. Niki is a tired overpriced whore and weekend stripper. Niki is a lower-middle-class, average, moderate and generally plain worker who is not looking for so-called "empowerment" from her profession. Niki is looking for, above all, a livelihood and thus the experience of basic security in her life. Niki has achieved her goal".

The working group includes actual sex workers (former and current). The perspective on the sex work comes from the within the industry.

Script writer and choreographer: Camilla Rantanen
Dramaturg: Pipsa Enqvist
Light- and set designer: Siri Haapanen
Sound designer: Elle Kokkonen
Performers: Camilla Rantanen, Monia Penttinen, Pauli Patinen and Milla-Mari Pylkkänen
Visual artist and set designer: Aino Autere

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