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Seireenilaulu ja muita loitsuja


Helsinki City Museum and Kalliosali Helsinki (Epäajankohtaisen taiteen festivaali)


2022 & 2023


Concept and execution together with Pipsa Enqvist

Project type



Ella Kiviniemi

Seireenilaulu ja muita loitsuja (Siren song and other spells) is a stage essay, lecture performance and gig that explores the archetype of the siren, the presence of sex workers in our cultural history, and the conflicting feelings of the modern sex worker towards her profession.
The performance includes, among other things, pole dancing, living statues, spoken word, music performed live on a looper and, above all, a lot of humor.

"We've been a little sorry that mermaids' "whorefull" past, or sirenness, has been wanted to be erased... In many cities there are sculptures of two-tailed sirens. For many tourists, they are mermaids, feminine bodies and even symbols of the city. But to us, they are statues of whores on the most visible spots of the city. You just have to see them differently..."

The modern whore sees herself in these statues, but at the same time she doesn't. What kind of images do sex workers want to see/hear of themselves in our stories?

"Should I be wise and noble? Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of whore".

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